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For nearly a century, we have provided training solutions for customers in high-consequence environments such as NASA, the FAA, the U.S. military, and the Royal Navy as well as other allied governments and militaries. We help our customers turn their workforce into experts and their goals into achievements.

Our Architect™ methodology is a unique curriculum analysis method, enabled by expertise and tools, and not a database on its own. Getting the foundation right and removing redundant, unneeded content not only streamlines the courses but lays the foundation for moving to more modern media for delivery. Our clients want better training and training outcomes that deliver increased capability to their operations. The outcome of VPS’ Architect is a collaborative focus on skills development and an optimal blend of formal and informal training.

Our approach to training modernization is not only about deploying and utilizing new delivery modalities, but also about establishing a robust curriculum structure founded on the science of learning. This proven approach provides learners with an innovative and streamlined path to mastery, expanding the learning pipeline while introducing additional practice opportunities and learning experiences. The outcome is increased learner confidence, performance and resilience.

Our Learning Strategists collaborate with your team to explore and identify ways to align learning to the business, increase agility to respond to changing organizational requirements and focus on learner centricity to increase workforce speed-to-performance. Our skilled facilitators guide teams in the identification of specific interventions to move the organization toward each milestone with defined metrics. Through expert facilitation and activities, the team explores the “art of the possible” by reframing obstacles as a question, “how can we?”

VPS is experienced in working with large data sets to identify, measure and analyze key metrics to build and design reports that give you strategic insights and add value to your business. We achieve this by unifying, simplifying and giving integrity to your data by transforming it into formats that are easy to use and understand. Access to consistent, quality reporting allows you to make better, data-driven decisions that can improve your performance, and let us work on providing a service that delivers measurable results.

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“VPS does not see itself as a typical learning services organization. Instead, it sees itself in a privileged situation where it can leverage very sophisticated tech tools…that can go beyond what would be expected solutions for clients.“

“This (VPS & NATO) is a key milestone in the new NATO training landscape… supporting the goal of delivering the right training to the right people at the right time, allowing individuals arriving at a NATO post to possess the skills and competencies necessary to perform their assigned duties.“

“This (customer) program should be studied by every learning executive. The program is incredibly ambitious and touches one of the most business-critical elements in the [customers’] business model. Its success is a testimony to the value of carefully honed best practices for program analysis, design, implementation, and management.”

“VPS is known for their brand reputation that was built on operational excellence and the relationships they establish with customers.“

“VPS were able to demonstrate the tools, processes and philosophy they would apply to the task, and draw upon hard evidence of their previous success delivering a similar programme in the automotive industry. This, together with the high-quality people that consistently fronted up on their behalf, produced a compelling picture of an organisation that had the skills, experience and ethos required to deliver such a complex and important change programme. The Ministry of Defense’s (MOD) experience with VPS since down selection continues to support this decision.“


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“Top 20 Training Outsourcing Provider“

For 5 consecutive years, VPS has earned Training Industry’s “Top 20 Training Outsourcing Provider” award.

2021 Training Industry Top 20 Employee Health, Safety and Wellness training award logo

“Top 20 Employee Health, Safety & Wellness“

For 5 consecutive years, VPS has earned Training Industry’s “Top 20 Employee Health, Safety & Wellness” award.

2021 Training Industry Top 20 Custom Content Development award logo

“Top 20 Custom Content Development“

For 5 consecutive years, VPS has earned Training Industry’s “Top 20 Custom Content Development” award.

2021 Training Industry Top 20 Experiential Learning Technologies award logo

“Top 20 Experiential Learning Technology Company“

VPS earned Training Industry’s “Top 20 Experiential Learning Technology Company” award.

2021 Training Industry Top 20 Gamification award logo

“Top 20 Gamification“

For 3 consecutive years, VPS has earned Training Industry’s “Top 20 Gamification” award.

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Forbes Certified as “America’s Best Management Consulting Firm list“

Vertex Professional Services (VPS) makes America’s Best Management Consulting Firm list for 4th consecutive year. Criterion is based on senior executive customer feedback across 16 capabilities including strategy, sustainability, and digital transformation. VPS is honored to be recognized for our expertise in enabling customers to achieve their business/people performance goals.

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