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Our Digital Skills curriculum stems from unmatched expertise — the kind that can only come from one of the largest training and technology organizations in the world. 

Our proven training programs and best practices across the entire cyber operations spectrum integrate cyber operations training into hybrid mission planning to optimize operational effects. We partner with an extensive network of industry and university experts to translate deep technical knowledge about the latest threats, exploitation techniques, malware and advanced defensive strategies into relevant, up-to-date training. We use Cyber Operations Training programs within our own global workforce to manage computer network operations and defenses, as well as to enhance the skills and situational awareness of our employees across multiple disciplines within the company. We offer access to our most innovative and secure virtual platform to provide simple to complex simultaneous learning and a mechanism for continuous professional development.

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“(VPS) is not only delivering breakthrough solutions for this hyper-connected world, but the company’s dedication and interaction with the community at large to inspire a new generation is also a critical industry breakthrough.“

“The standard of the curriculum is exemplary and there is such a store of enthusiasm, on display and at our disposal, which is inspiring and invigorating. I've been enthused, inspired, energised and motivated for success.”

“I love the instructors, the way they bring forward difficult topics and simplify it.”

“I would say the instructors we had during the program have been excellent ̶ each have brought their own, knowledge, enthusiasm and style of teaching, and all have made it fun and interactive for us learners.”

“(Our instructor) is brilliant. She delivered what you would expect to be boring topics (e.g., GDPR Policies), but how she presents it with real-world examples is mind blowing!”


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“Gold Globee Business Excellence Award“

Our Cyber Academy Training earned a Gold Globee Business Excellence Award for providing a blend of virtual learning, in-person/virtual coaching, as well as experiential learning experiences leading to our graduates’ earning their CompTIA certifications.

“Workforce Talent Development Award“

CompTIA recognized our Cyber Training program with a Workforce Talent Development Award our approach to learning resulting in our graduates’ earning their CompTIA certifications.

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Forbes Certified as “America’s Best Management Consulting Firm list“

Vertex Professional Services (VPS) makes America’s Best Management Consulting Firm list for 4th consecutive year. Criterion is based on senior executive customer feedback across 16 capabilities including strategy, sustainability, and digital transformation. VPS is honored to be recognized for our expertise in enabling customers to achieve their business/people performance goals.

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