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VPS’ learning consultants provide the thought leadership and deep learning expertise you need to move your organization forward. Our Learning Strategy team applies highly collaborative and engaging approaches to organizational and workforce transformation. We leverage data and work with your business and learning leaders to define the workforce of the future. We do this by architecting the roles, tasks, competencies, and behaviors needed today and tomorrow to achieve performance goals.

Our experienced resources use multiple disciplines to not only design strategies for the future, but we partner with your team to make your vision a reality. And what sets VPS’ Learning Consultants apart is our collaborative approach to engineer a path forward. We partner with your resources to assure they understand what needs to be accomplished and have the skills.

Our Architect™ methodology is a unique curriculum analysis method, enabled by expertise and tools, and not a database on its own. Getting the foundation right and removing redundant, unneeded content not only streamlines the courses but lays the foundation for moving to more modern media for delivery. Our clients want better training and training outcomes that deliver increased capability to their operations. The outcome of VPS’ Architect is a collaborative focus on skills development and an optimal blend of formal and informal training.

Our approach to training modernization is not only about deploying and utilizing new delivery modalities, but also about establishing a robust curriculum structure founded on the science of learning. This proven approach provides learners with an innovative and streamlined path to mastery, expanding the learning pipeline while introducing additional learning experiences. The outcome is increased learner confidence, performance and resilience.

VPS is experienced in working with large data sets to identify, measure and analyze key metrics to build and design reports that give you strategic insights and add value to your business. We achieve this by unifying, simplifying and giving integrity to your data by transforming it into formats that are easy to use and understand. Access to consistent, quality reporting allows you to make better, data-driven decisions, and deliver measurable results.

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“I really thinks this training achieved a new level of excellence…After 23 years, I have never had a training that prepared me so well to face customer. The 3-month journey provided me with on-going feedback, the ability to retain knowledge and to practice (what I learned).“

“VPS utilizes a business-focused approach to learning solution design, which goes beyond the application of training to achieve a certain business outcome. Their approach often involves business data analysis and the development of a business case for change.”

“VPS was identified as a Leader for learning BPS for its emphasis on leveraging a collaborative approach to understand and address its client’s larger business issues through its learning solutions.”

“VPS is not only delivering breakthrough solutions built for this hyper-connected world, but the company’s dedication and interaction with the community at large to inspire a new generation is also a critical industry breakthrough.“

“We chose VPS for both its broad training expertise and its customer-centric approach… we picked an excellent partner that helps us with the expertise and support we need.“


Brand Hall Group 2021 Silver - Excellence in Talent Management

”Excellence in Technology Award”

With our largest North American automotive customer, we earned the Brandon Hall Group “Excellence in Technology Award” for “Best Advancement in Sales Enablement and Performance Tool”.

Brandon Hall Group (BHG) 2021 Excellence in Learning Gold award logo

”Excellence in Learning”

VPS has earned the ``Excellence in Learning`` Gold award from Brandon Hall Group for the 3rd consecutive year for excellence in executing the “Best Certification Program” for our automotive customer.

Brandon Hall Group (BHG) 2021 Excellence in Learning Gold award logo

”Excellence in Learning”

Brandon Hall Group recognized VPS with an ``Excellence in Learning`` Gold award for excellence in developing the ``Best Learning Strategy” digital transformation strategy for our automotive customer.

Brandon Hall Group (BHG) 2021 Excellence in Learning Gold award logo

”Excellence in Learning”

With our automotive customers, VPS has earned the ``Excellence in Learning`` Gold award from Brandon Hall Group for the “Best Use of Mobile Learning” as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Forbes America's Best Management Consulting Firms award logo

Forbes Certified as “America’s Best Management Consulting Firm list“

Vertex Professional Services (VPS) makes America’s Best Management Consulting Firm list for 4th consecutive year. Criterion is based on senior executive customer feedback across 16 capabilities including strategy, sustainability, and digital transformation. VPS is honored to be recognized for our expertise in enabling customers to achieve their business/people performance goals.

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